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What is The Society of American Magicians?

The Society of American Magicians, founded on May 10, 1902, in Martinka’s famous magic shop in New York City, New York, is the oldest and most prestigious magical society in the world. For over a century it has promoted the ideals shared by Kellar, Houdini, Thurston and more than 47,000 others world-wide who have held membership in the Society. Those ideals include the elevation of the Art of Magic, the promotion of harmony among magicians, and the opposition of the unnecessary public exposure of magical effects.


Who Should Become a Member?

The S.A.M. is for all people interested in the art of magic. This includes collectors, historians, hobbyists, and enthusiasts, as well as professional performers.


What We Offer to Members

As a member of The Society, we have many resources to help you advance the art of magic. First you will have the prestige of being a member of the world's oldest magic organization. You will also have access to the following...  Read more


How Do I Join?

Whether you are a hobbyist, a part time performer, a collector, or a professional, become a member of The Society of American Magicians. To join, Click HERE


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